Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tuvalu's Earth Hour

From 8:30 to 9:30pm on March 26th Tuvalu participated in earth hour, an event started in 2007 that creates climate change awareness by calling for a complete break from electricity usage for one whole hour. With the exception of some municipal buildings and the Tuvalu Electricity Corporation (TEC) power plant, all electricity in Tuvalu's capital Funafuti was shut down in observation of the event.

William Iliala waits for the signal to turn the switch at power substation One, one of five in Fongafale which control the power of the main island of Tuvalu's capital. Iliala has worked for the Tuvalu Electricity Corporation for ten years.

The Tuvalu Electricity Corporation (TEC) power plant sits directly across from the airport, centrally located in Tuvalu's capital, Funafuti. The plant creates electricity from burning diesel fuel. In the first moments of Earth Hour a long exposure highlights the few lights on in the plant, whose facade is illuminated by the headlights of passing motor bikes.

During the hour of darkness, the headlights of bikes and flashlights lit up the runway in central Funafuti.

Using bike as tripod, the view of a palm tree and sky is eerily flattened by a long exposure.

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